paternityPaternity is the legal term that means a dad is found to be the legal father of his child. Although Missouri gives dads some rights if the mother puts the father’s name on the birth certificate, there are only two ways to have all the rights of fatherhood under Missouri Law–if the father was married to the mother at the time of the child’s birth or if there is a finding of paternity through the Court. We have helped many fathers through the years who have wanted to gain theirĀ full legal rights of parentage.

Paternity can also be used when a mother wants the Court to order child support payments to be made by a man who has fathered her child. If the man denies the parentage, the Court will order a simple DNA test to determine paternity. If the man is found to be the father, the Court will order child support payments for the benefit of his child and will often give the father visitation.

If you have been served with a paternity action and you believe that you are not the father, it is important that you talk with us so that we can file an answer on your behalf. Your time to file an answer is limited so talk with an experienced attorney right away to learn what can be done to protect you.

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