Unhappy CoupleMany times, the heartache of divorce can be complicated with legal issues. If your only option is divorce, we are here to help you. Whether you want help with an uncontested divorce, where you and your spouse agree on everything, or a complex custody and divorce case involving many states and problems with property and jurisdiction, we have the experience to work with you and your children to help you through this difficult time. We can guide you through the legal issues related to your divorce so that you can focus on moving forward with your life:

  • Help you resolve child custody and visitation disputes
  • Fight to keep your parental rights intact
  • Negotiate child support and spousal support payments
  • Negotiate the division of property and marital assets

Your attorney will protect your interests in all family and financial matters throughout the legal process. We will negotiate with the other party to try to settle your case in a manner that you feel is fair, so you do not have to go through the anguish and expense of a trial. But if your spouse is not reasonable and a trial becomes necessary, we are experienced with trials and have an excellent relationship with all of the Judges in Southern Missouri. You can rely on us to aggressively represent your interests in Court.

We believe that in every family law case, the well-being of your children is the most important issue. You might want help establishing joint legal custody, supervised visitation, or proving paternity. In cases of child abuse and neglect, we have worked with DHS (Department of Human Services) to terminate parental rights and facilitate family adoption by grandparents and other caring family members. We also help birthmothers who want to place their babies for adoption in caring, Christian homes.

Whether you need assistance with child support enforcement or spousal abuse, call us today for a free first visit to learn how we can help you in your time of need.

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