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We know what your life is like when you are going through difficult times. If you’ve found us on this website, then you are probably facing divorce or custody problems, money struggles or even the pain from being hurt in an accident. The stress and worry that go along with these types of trouble can make everything seem bleak. You might not be sleeping at night. You aren’t the loving person with your kids that you want to be. You don’t want to think about what is waiting for you in your mailbox. Physical affection—hugs, smiles, a touch—is not a part of your life right now. You might be blaming yourself.

You’ve probably thought about talking to a lawyer already but you might not have done it. If you’re thinking about bankruptcy or divorce, the stigma is something that bothers you. You’ve always worked hard and lived up to your promises. But whatever life has dealt you this time feels like the last straw.

We’ve been here in Southern Missouri helping people for more than 20 years so we want you to know you are not alone.  We work with people just like you who have been overcome by the unexpected—a marriage that has fallen apart, the loss of a job, the illness of you or a loved one, or the pain of rehab after an accident.   We will help you through this so your life can begin again.

So if you are ready to talk, call us or email with the form at the bottom of this page.  We reserve spots in our calendar every day to be sure we have time available to meet with you the day you call.

The first visit is always free and together we can make a start to getting you back on track.

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