guardianship-young-child guardianship_stockWhen you need a legal guardianship, it is important to have a qualified attorney help you through the process whether for a child or an adult.

Guardianship for a Child

When a parent can no longer care for their child, the Court can appoint a guardianship to allow a responsible adult to step in and assume all of the responsibilities of the parent. A guardianship through the Court is a complex process and we can help you through this process. This arrangement can be temporary or permanent. A parent may be unable to care for their child because of illness, deployment in the military, abuse of alcohol or drugs, criminal conviction or incarceration, or many other factors. Courts will give preference to a family member when establishing a guardianship.

Guardianship for an Adult

Sometimes a guardian may be necessary to make decisions for an adult who cannot make decisions about their own care or finances. The caring attorneys on our Family Law Team have helped dozens of parents make informed decisions about guardianship issues.

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